sonicsense is true giant of features and possibilites. But when it comes to costs it’s surprisingly moderate. 


We see ourselves as a service provider offering tailor-made solutions for all of our various customers. 

Whether you own a coffee shop chain or run a small, chic boutique in one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods - sonicsense will keep your costs low. 

Considering that it's a tool for boosting your business increasing your turnover - even the most strict controller will be hooked. 


There won’t be any unfulfilled requests - whether you’re simply looking for audio or video on demand or seeking to get the full service solution including planning and hardware installation - sonicsense has it all. 

Are you over all the administrative work with your PRO? We can also take care of this - you might even benefit from lower rates and avoid the PRO hassle entirely. 


Let us prepare an individual quote for you  - you’ll be surprised for sure. 

Please submit your request to our friendly support team: 

Call +49 40 55 700 60 or send us an email and we’re happy to get back to you in no time.