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to your needs.




Every room has a story to tell as well as every company has a message to spread. We are listening closely to both you and your business premise’s needs to combine those two and to get to the core of it. We will shape a perfectly fitting and highly individual sonic structure for you, weather you are in the hotel industry, restaurant and catering business, at retail or in multi location chains of any kind.


A good place to start is your business history. What is your intention? What is your C.I.? Which products or services do you offer? Who are your customers? After a complete breakdown of these facts we are going to vitalize any of your business rooms with a custom concept. Instore-advertising and high quality audio material will give your business location a specific and unique touch.


If you like, we are able to carry out the technical implementation for you as well. Everything is tailor-made and crafted by our professional team. Of course we are at your disposal to modify and fine-tune your sonicsense system any time. Our goal is to keep your room’s atmosphere flexible and alive and to cover new trends every season.