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sonicsense saves you real money every month. An average trading space of 2000 sq m has to pay approx. 1000€ of royalty fees a year.


What are these constantly increasing fees?


Licensing agencies see to their member’s compensation. Partner agencies of the German GEMA like the Suisse SUISA, Austrian AKM, English PPL or American ASCAP/BMI take care of their member’s business interests all over the world. Members are composers and their publishers. If you like to play proprietary content of members like Rihanna, Madonna or the Beatles fees are due to pay. The bigger your business location - the higher the fee. 10.000 € per year or more are common for big business locations. This means a huge cost factor, which is hardly affordable to many companies.


sonicsense offers you an alternative


Fees for the GEMA and their international counterparts are only tpo be collected for their member’s content only. Playing pre-licensed content avoids this problem. To find this kind of content in adequate quality used to be the challenging and very often unsuccessful part of the game.


We see a change of trend in this matter. A growing number of artists are resigning their cooperation with the established licensing agencies to produce royalty free content. The licensing matters are taken care of by their business partners – like sonicsense. These unique and premium compositions are not to be heard in the radio or to be bought in stores. Audio Factory Media Publishing has contracts with thousands of such artists. This enables us to offer you a huge amount of high quality music and special recordings.


Pre-licensed music has become a real alternative. Our constantly growing database can supply you with music even of the highest quality. This could save your medium sized business location thousands of Euros a year.


Smart combinations will save your money


You rely on non-royalty-free content like chart music for individual parts of your business premises? It is still possible for you to save money. If you simply sign off those parts of your location where only pre-licensed content is played, you could decrease your royalty fees drastically.


If you're interested in this music model please get in touch with us - we're happy to help you!