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A perfect audio delivery system does not only depend on its technical realization. A crucial component is the audio content, which will create the atmosphere uniquely tailored for your rooms and audience to inspire your customers.


Different demands require a different sound in every zone. The music should motivate and bring tension to one situation, whereas it is supposed to relax and calm down another.


Pro support form Audio Factory Media Hamburg


Looking for suitable music? This is a task for experts. All music in the sonicsense system was chosen by professional music editors and is daily updated. With experience and a keen sense of music our editorial staff puts together a repertoire especially arranged for your customers. The program consists of a well-balanced mix of songs, daily updated and automatically transferred to your terminal.


To us, quality relies on a strong partnership. Behind sonicsense is AUDIO FACTORY MEDIA from Hamburg. AUDIO FACTORY looks back on 25 Years of experience in the production of custom audio content. sonicsense is not only the sophisticated media terminal, but also expertise in consulting medium sized enterprises, branded companies, as well as their advertising agencies. We can offer you know-how in anything involving perfect sound and music.


Royality free does not mean quality free


Next to popular music and current chart hits we offer completely pre-licensed content. This offers an enormous savings potential. Despite prevailing prejudices royalty free music is more than music for elevators or bird’s twitter. Titles from all genres like pop, classic or relaxation are compelling, appealing and are professionally produced. Our repertoire contains thousands of high quality songs.