how does it work








The sonicsense media terminal is a state of the art computer system of sophisticated making. Well-established manufacturers assemble our hardware components. All software is based on in-house developments. All components share a fail-safe design to offer extreme reliability.

Via Internet the sonicsense terminal exchanges data with our servers to receive music and control updates. This keeps your audio program up to date – weather with music or your own jingles e.g..

sonicsense works time controlled and the content is individually arranged in as many different sound zones as you like.

No music will be stored on your terminal device, but thanks’ to the safety mode we guarantee you an ongoing playback in HiFi quality, even if your internet connections fails.


Switch it on, set it up – that’s all


Like a CD-Player you connect your terminal to your existing speaker system and additionally to the Internet. By using our control interface sonicRemote, you are able to supervise all functions of your sonicsense system from any place in the world. You simply need access to the Internet.


After your basic setup - which will take you less than 5 minutes - you will not have to think about sound or music anymore. Your sonicsense system provides you with daily updated music and playlists, from now on. All is fully automated for your customer’s and your own comfort. But of course it is also possible for you to interact with the system to choose songs yourself or to exclude them or to play them more often – all with but a click.