sonicsenceVideo for images, videos and digital signage is a special service interesting to all kinds of businesses. Based on sophisticated soft and hardware, we offer you nothing less, but a tool to help you deliver the right visual information at the right time and place.


Our video terminal receives the control and content updates via an ordinary Internet connection to ensure it’s up-to-date state. sonicsenseVideo delivers your constantly updated program time controlled and in every room or area you like. sonicsenceVideo empowers you to take complete control over your video content worldwide. Connect TV- and Internet-TV-Stations to your broadcasting e.g. to show regional weather forecasts or news feeds.

The safety mode guarantees you uninterrupted playback even if your Internet connection fails.


Just turn on and set up.


Your sonicsenseVideo terminal is easy to install and to use, but of course we offer help by our professional staff, if needed. Our video editors are happy to help you upload and control your content or we will give you your personal access to your sonicsenseVideo system. Here you are able to set up your control details yourself or type in your personal text overlays e.g.