hotel business




at home.


A pleasant smile to be found at the reception. Freshly made beds decorated with a piece of chocolate on the top of each pillow. Every wish fulfilled with appropriate discretion. Everything follows the corporate philosophy. A suitable music concept offers the right soundtrack to achieve perfection.


The hotel business depends on regular customers like the restaurant branch. The recommendation of a satisfied customer is the best advertising there is. The Key to consumer satisfaction is to be found in the atmosphere of a venue, as well as in it’s perfect service.


sonicsense offers you direct access to the well-being of your customer. Maintain a positive mood in your guests at the reception by playing motivating, but discreet music and let them relax in the lounge accompanied by chill out tunes. Different profiles enable you to treat every room with variable sounds.


You may adjust the atmosphere of your restaurant to the hour of the day or differing flows of your customers. Serve something motivating for breakfast and pick a world music sound matching your lunch. For dinner you may choose some catchy classic music. The sonicsense parting module empowers your to choose the right music channel for every time and place.