fitness & wellness



in tune.

A heated floor, pleasing colors on the walls, a natural scent in the air and skilled hands at work – Relaxation can instantly be created in such an environment. A sophisticated sound concept works as a natural amplifier for this situation.


Fitness and wellness areas are more to your customers than all your technical gear. It is the atmosphere that convinces your customer to stay. This atmosphere is tied to the audible experience. sonicsense enables you set the right sound for your course, workout and relaxation areas. Once adjusted, our sonicsense box takes control.


Areas not depending on known chart music offer a great potential to save you money. Weather sound spheres or simply good music is needed e.g. in your sauna or changing rooms. sonicsense offers a huge variety in pre-licensed content. Big business locations have a savings potential of 10.000€ or more every year – without any loss in quality.


Our archive of royalty free content is big enough to meet any requirements in quality or style and is constantly updated.