restaurant & catering



enjoy dining
with all your senses.

Exquisite dishes are served in a classy environment. All details are harmonically balanced. The adequate sound design is the last step to fulfill your customer’s expectations.


The restaurant and catering industry depends more on regular customers than any other business. It depends on people who are attracted by the atmosphere and convinced to come back to experience everything all over again. Our sonicsense audio architects are able to create this atmosphere for you. We are using your customers favorite songs arranged in custom tailored sound streams for the whole spectrum of the audience in all your business rooms. Clubs and bars are able to play Techno on the dance floor, while Trance or Drum’n’Bass is played in other areas.


Restaurants have a bigger variety of customers to cover changing every hour and day. The parting module of sonicsense enables your to choose a time controlled program for any or all of your rooms. Pick the perfect match in sound out of our nearly infinite repertoire.